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Success Stories

These women summoned the strength and courage to achieve their goals and surpass their own expectations.
You can do it too!

*Results may vary by individual

Marisa Stefanelli

As I said in one of my first emails, your program really got me back on my feet and back in the gym and it pushed me to not be shy at the gym and I gained a lot of confidence since I had a plan and I had something to follow and I had you to guide me through it.

The first challenge got me back in the gym, I re-gained my confidence, and I learned to not be afraid to try new things. This second challenge taught me that I don’t need to go to the gym to stay active and that there are so many other ways and workouts that I can do right in my own home. They were so fun! Some a lot more difficult than others, but I pushed through and I really loved this second challenge!

Concerning my nutrition, there were some days where I went completely off track, but I learned from this and towards the end of the challenge I was back up on my feet again and eating healthy.

I am so sore from the workouts. Today was the last day of the challenge and I went all out! I started my morning off with a spinning class at my gym, and then I came home and spent the day with my nieces. We played ball outside and I made up a game with them and whenever they would miss catching the ball, they would have to do an exercise from your program! So as soon as someone missed, we would look at your workouts and be like, okay, do 40 mountain climbers! It was really fun and I love motivating my nieces to be active and eat healthier since I believe it’s at a young age that you really have to start teaching them!

I’ve attached all my photos for you guys to see! I’m SO proud of myself and i’m so happy that now i’m a lot more motivated to stay active and to eat better. Even though your challenge is over, i’m still going to stay active by going to the gym and doing outdoor activities! I hope you make another one, that would be really fun!

Take a look at my photos! I find I slimmed down a lot only in 21 days and that’s pretty amazing. My stomach area lost a lot of fat and I also noticed my butt is super round compared to before lol!! I absolutely loved your workouts and i’m even more motivated now to get even better results

*Results may vary by individual

Salma El Hosseny

My program was for 4-5 weeks and we used to train approximately 4 times a week. My overall fitness before going to private training was good, I used to workout a lot but my problem was that I was doing the same workouts all the time till I reached a plateau and thats when I decided to contact a trainer and my goal was to lose weight and tone my body.

The results after training were insanely good, I think this is the peak of my fitness now that now I am done. I always had an issue with my posture, now its not really there because I have gained muscles in my back. Also I am very satisfied in general with my overall body, I was never self confident but now I am for 100%. It is very important to know that fitness is not just an appearance or a nice body; it is a complete lifestyle and it is earned. Meaning that food is important! I used to always eat healthy- I’m not a junk food person- but after earning this body I make sure I eat even more healthy and I don't have as much desserts because I worked so hard for my body.

Lastly, our sessions were mostly in the morning (I was never a morning person) and morning sessions changed my life, I became more focused in general in the morning and fitness came to be my priority because it was done first thing in the morning.The most beneficial thing I would say was that I was taught that consistency does help you in achieving your goal. I became more motivated because I instantly saw results that kept on increasing and I was so determined to keep them growing as I was finally reaching what I want. Also, although I used to always go to the gym before having a trainer, I was never able to push myself forward, now I am capable of doing that by myself! Another thing would be that my body transformed a lot and this made me prove to myself that everything is achievable if following the right steps, with consistency, determination and motivation along with the right guidance!

I would definitely recommend Daniela because she’s extremely friendly, and determined to make you reach your fitness goal. Another important thing that was absent in other trainers that I personally encountered is that Daniela listens to you and she wants you to enjoy the workout, therefore the workouts were to an extent tailored to what I usually enjoy doing at the gym which is amazing! Also the tips she gives you and the motivation are things that can be applied to your everyday life and they are things she teaches you. Now that I don’t live in Canada anymore, I always remember the things and advice she taught me! Lastly, she is very approachable, highly knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness, and professional (always on time, you always have her full attention, always prepared).

*Results may vary by individual

Lia Davidson

So I have all four of your programs and have completed all of them! I love the explanations and and how easy it is to follow the guidelines with lots of variety of workouts.

Ive seen amazing results like muscle gains, losing fat, and booty gains ! Overall i was always happy with the workouts and that the program is designed to be done at your paste with different cardio trainings, resistant trainings and weight trainings. Overall health, i crave less sugars and carbs that before i would, i learnt how everything is in moderation and ways to manipulate my body for cheat days! I recommend you as a coach because you really take the time to connect with your followers and explain/answer questions. The programs are legit and are designed for real results perfect for long term adjustments.

*Results may vary by individual

Briana Musto

To be honest I didn’t realize how much of a change my body made until I put the pictures next to each other and I’m in awe! I’ve been going to the gym 5 times a week and it has not only transformed my body, but it has also proven to be such an amazing release from all the stress from school and applications!

I'm leaving for Florida in 2 weeks for my spring break and I've already made myself a workout plan based on the workouts you've provided with the challenge, although I had to make adjustments since I don't have access to the gym while there, however there's a park near my grandmas condo that has outdoor training machines so I'll definitely be using them 🙂 I've realized that the fitness lifestyle is definitely one I want to continue being part of and it's all thanks to you for showing me it.

*Results may vary by individual

Martine Lamontagne

This challenge has really been beneficial for me! Indeed, it allowed me to change my lifestyle in only 21 days! It is this number of time that it takes to set up new routines. I am proud of my progress even if the journey has not always been easy.

I think it is important to set realistic objectives. Even with a weakness in my knees and a ban on my osteopath from doing several exercises, I adapted the program to my conditions. No excuses! No excuses! I just did more abs and cycling. Thank you for this great experience, it is obvious that I will continue in this direction!

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I’ve been doing the challenge since November. I have a long history of yo-yo dieting and eating disorders. I have always been insecure about my body and my lack of knowledge in the fitness department.

Throughout the program, I have started to look at fitness not as a punishment or a means to counterbalance a bad diet, but simply as a moment for me to tune in, to take care of myself, to push my limits and to feel strong and powerful. I have also obviously seen improvements in my musculature, my cardio and my self-confidence. Being a shy person, I really appreciate the fact that i can workout in my room (as tiny as it is!) and i can also see that feeling strong physically has made me feel stronger mentally too, i feel less shy around people and I am more sure of myself, less scared of failure (I was scared to “fail” the workouts but then saw it was only mental). It has helped me see that I am worthy of good food, friends and happiness!
So honestly, a huge thank you for everything, the last few months have really helped me make a step forward and be a happier person!! I recommend you as a coach because it is so incredible and touching to see how honestly and deeply you care about the people who do your workouts, always checking up on them, encouraging them, listening to them and so much more. Your approach is so positive, balanced and wholesome! Greatest coach for sure!
I found a balance between working out, working and having fun! I have considerably reduced if not stopped disordered eating for more than a month (big deal for me!) and i have lost 10 lbs in the process!

I have been training with Daniela on and off for about 2 years. As a medical student, my schedule has always been very hectic and at the time that I met Daniela, I really wanted to make a change in my lifestyle and incorporate weight training into my daily schedule to take care of my overall health.  

Overall, I feel happier and healthier since I have trained with Daniela. Physically, have noticed more definition in my muscles and have definitely improved my strength since working with a trainer. I’m especially happy with how much I have improved with my upper body strength.  Numerous times, when working with Daniela, I have even impressed myself with my progress. Once difficult without assistance, I’m now even being able to do pull ups independently!

For me, the most beneficial thing I have achieved from working with Daniela, is a higher level of self-confidence and improved motivation while at the gym. I’m much more careful about what I eat and am happy with the consistency that training provides.

Daniela is an amazing trainer. She is totally reliable and cares about her all of her clients’ progress. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

I have been training with Daniela for 5 months now. She is an energetic, positive, and beautiful trainer. Even though I travel a lot she always ensures I get the work done to maintain my weight. I noticed that ever since I’ve been training with her my posture has improved greatly. Also, I have never been consistent with my workouts and fitness goals, until I met her. My gluteus muscles have strengthened greatly with her workouts and she definitely knows how to assign exercises that will give you a nicer “booty shape”. Another great quality about Daniela is that she genuinely cares about her clients, as she consistently emphasizes the importance of eating healthy. Even though I travel and eat out often, she always guides me into opting for the healthiest options around me. Overall, I’m really grateful for having her as my trainer, as she pushes my limits and checks on my eating habits.

Daniela is an amazing trainer! She genuinely appreciates and empowers other women. I was following Daniela on Instagram for a while and found her to be such a positive, motivating person! I won a giveaway for 1 month online training with her and it was absolutely incredible from the moment we started. The app she used is externally helpful and user friendly! Daniela asked me what my fitness goals were and what would be a realistic amount of times that I can commit to working out per week. She has a way of being extremely motivating while also being realistic and positive. Some days, work would be very busy and I couldn’t make it to the gym. She would check in with me almost everyday and when my scheduled workout for that day wasn’t done yet and it was getting late, she would message to see if everything was okay. You can really tell that the work she is doing is her passion. During the month, I feel like she genuinely cared about my fitness and she always took time to message me and answer any questions I had and send some positive vibes my way. I wasn’t sure that online training would work for me, but it did and it definitely jump started my fitness journey! I would recommend Daniela to anyone, she truly is a 10/10 great trainer! The workouts I was doing were challenging in the best way! If I am going to the gym I want it to be worth it and I want to work up a sweat! She really catered the workout program to me and my goals and it was all around an amazing experience! Thank you so much Daniela😘

Daniela’s program was challenging but honestly amazing and she was just as great! Her program really pushed me to my limits but it made me feel on top of the world once I accomplished the workout! After her 4 week program, I realized how much more will power I had than I initially thought. There were times when I just wanted to give up, but having her coach me through and check up on me really helped keep me on track.

She would be a great coach and trainer for anyone who’s looking to lose weight or simply tone up.

A huge thank you to you girly!!!

Daniela was such an amazing coach! I never was the type to feel confident in trying new exercises at the gym. I was shy to try something new if i didn’t try it home first. But Daniela’s program and coaching skills made me feel good about myself. She was always there to motivate me and encourage me.

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