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I’m Daniela, your health & fitness coach

Ten years ago, I set myself on the mission to empower millions of women through fitness. I discovered the power of confidence and how it can be used in all areas of your life. I aim to inspire women to focus on developing a strong mindset, body, and soul so they can quantum leap their lives!

this is my why

I believe that true beauty and power comes from within, and self-love is very important when we want to help each other and our world. I see fitness as a metaphor for life. I truly believe that it shows you how discipline and commitment are essential to get the results you want in your life. It teaches you the importance of perseverance to achieve a goal. Quickly, you can realize that all these lessons can be applied to life, which means that mastering this aspect of your life could bring success to the other pillars of your life such as your relationships, finances, and career.

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Daniela Suarez Health & Fitness Coach Evolvo

morning routine

I feel the best when I start the day with an early morning nature walk, workout, meditation and gratitude practice ✨


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my community

When I close my eyes and think of the happiest moments of my life, all I can see is my family and community moments🤍


Evolvo Daniela Suarez Fitness


I love trying out new hobbies, going on adventures to new places & spontaneous planing for fun! I believe life is to be lived to its fullest 💫

outdo your past self, improve yourself & make your future self proud. 

– daniela

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