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90 day full body, mind and soul
transformation course 

How I transformed my mind, body and soul

 in only 12 weeks. 


I shaped my dream body, mind and soul…

It’s time for YOU to EVOLVE…

In order to move forward in a healthy manner, you must promise yourself one thing…


I used to feel like I didn’t have control over my body. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of overeating. No matter how much I tried to resist it, I would always end up repeating the same pattern. I tried many things, but nothing seemed to work. I knew that I was gonna get myself out of it. I didn’t know how… but I kept trying until I did…

My transformation started with the promise to myself that I would do it right. I wouldn’t go into any extreme diets or trainings anymore.


Get ready to Evolve

My Ēvolvō course will teach you how to love and transform your body using the same techniques that I’ve learnt from other high level athletes and coaches. These training methods will allow you to achieve and maintain your dream body all year round! We will be working inside out!

My Story 

Do you feel like none of your gym efforts are paying off? like no matter how healthy you eat, you’re just not seeing the results you want? I’ve been there… afraid of eating, feeling uncomfortable around food knowing I couldn’t control myself. One night, I remember coming home from school, genuinely stressed about the thought of me overeating…  The harder I tried to resist this thought, the easier the temptation would get ahold of me. I’d convince myself to only have one piece of chocolate, but ended up devouring two entire chocolate bars, a bag of chips and a jar of peanut butter. I felt terrible and eager to hit the gym so I could immediately torch those calories. My relation to health and fitness was becoming a self-imposed punishment, an absolute nightmare. Even though people never stopped saying that I had a nice body, on the inside, I just didn’t feel good. So I decided to take action… I literally tried everything; cutting carbs, reading books, fad diets, podcasts… everything! My desire to stop binging was limitless.
After many failures and little successes, I was finally able to achieve a healthy sustainable relationship with food and trainings. Today I’m grateful for the person I’ve become, and I feel inspired to empower you and guide you through this journey of transformation.

12 weeks to finally breakthrough!

I created Ēvolvō for women who…

  • Want to gain unlimited confidence in and out of the gym
  • Don’t know how to balance work, school and a healthy lifestyle
  • Want to shred body fat and build lean muscle mass
  • Are just starting out and don’t know where to start 
  • Are overwhelmed with information, tried everything and nothing worked
  • Are looking for someone to challenge them and shock their body
  • Are struggling to eat healthy and have little self control
  • Don’t want to starve and deprive themselves from the foods they like

If you’re struggling with this… I feel you. We all struggle at some points in our lives. But it’s okay, because there will always be a solution or a lesson learned. I was able to learn a lot from my experiences, which is one of the reasons why I’m here today. To empower other women.
I know that you can do this without overtraining or going on a crazy diet that will just not be sustainable.

No matter where you are right now, I’m here for you to guide you through this process!

I’ve transformed my body, mind and soul…
Now I’m on a mission to empower yours.

Get inspired…

Marisa Stefanelli:

“your program really got me back on my feet and back in the gym and it pushed me to not be shy at the gym and I gained a lot of confidence since I had a plan and I had something to follow and I had you to guide me through it…”

“Take a look at my photos! I find I slimmed down a lot only in 21 days and that’s pretty amazing. My stomach area lost a lot of fat and I also noticed my butt is super round compared to before. Absolutely loved your workouts and i’m even more motivated now to get even better results! ”

Salma El Hosseny:

“I used to workout a lot but my problem was that I was doing the same workouts all the time till I reached a plateau and that’s when I decided to contact a trainer and my goal was to lose weight and tone my body…”

“The results after training were insanely good, I think this is the peak of my fitness now that now I am done. I always had an issue with my posture, now it’s not really there because I have gained muscles in my back. Also I am very satisfied in general with my overall body, I was never self confident but now I am for 100%. It is very important to know that fitness is not just an appearance or a nice body; it is a complete lifestyle and it is earned”

Lia Davidson:

“I love the explanations and and how easy it is to follow the guidelines with lots of variety of workouts. I’ve seen amazing results like muscle gains, losing fat, and booty gains ! Overall I was always happy with the workouts and that the program is designed to be done at your paste with different cardio trainings, resistant trainings and weight trainings…”

“Overall health, I crave less sugars and carbs than before. I learnt how everything is in moderation and ways to manipulate my body for cheat days! I recommend Daniela as a coach because she really takes the time to connect with her followers and explain/answer questions. The programs are legit and are designed for real results perfect for long term adjustments.”

These are few of many women… 

Now, are you ready to transform your body, boost your confidence and better your life?

A Successful Transformation...

Ēvolvō will allow you to go deeper into real problems such as limiting beliefs that are sometimes indirectly affecting your health. In order to successfully start solving them, you must be aware of them first. Taking proper action to resolve these issues will have a positive effect on your body’s workout results, trust me.

Not only will you see a significant improvement in your body, but you will notice changes in your skin, energy levels, relationships, finances, career, and so many more aspects of your life.

With seven years of experience in the fitness industry and as a certified personal trainer, I’m confident in being able to take your body, mindset and soul to the next level. 

   I’ve empowered women’s lives through my personalized trainings, multiple workout programs and challenges to change their eating habits and incorporate an active lifestyle to their weekly routines.

   I’d love for you to join me and all the women that have been evolving to another level!


Is this the right time for you?
Take my hand and let me…

  • Empower you to identify problems that are directly or indirectly having a negative impact on your nutrition and training habits.
  • Help you torch stubborn fat that has been there for years to make you look and feel amazing.
  • Provide you with all the tools you need to learn the correct form for all exercises, which will improve your posture and avoid future injuries. 
  • Teach you how to target “hard to grow” muscles, such as your glutes.
  • Provide you with a flexible eating guide that will allow you to still enjoy life, traveling and night outs.
  • Guide you on how nutrition works and how certain foods affect your metabolism and hormones.
  • Share my research and experience to inform you on supplements.

Inside the 12 Week Full Body Evolve 

  • Introduction: Getting Started on The Transformation Program
  • Module 1: Finding Your Personal Legend
    • What is your goal?
    • What’s a healthy body?
    • What level of commitment do I need?
  • Module 2: Stay Strong
  • Module 3: What You Need
  • Module 4: Powerful Education on Nutrition (70% of your results)
    • Diet and workout
    • What produces fat loss?
    • Steps to plan your nutrition
    • MyFitnessPal guide
    • How to stop binging/stress eating
    • Intermittent Fasting VS having small meals throughout the day
    • What should I eat ?
    • Bonus! What I eat in a day
    • What is a refeed day? How does it work? Why?
  • Module 5: The Workouts
    • Day split and progressive overload
    • Key exercises
    • Why do I have to build muscle?
    • Ways to build muscle
    • Exercises and weekly schedule
    • Muscle up phase
    • Bonus! How to get abs and what to do for cardio?
  • Module 6: Motivation to keep you going and how to stay on track.
    • Introduction
    • How to get to the gym even when you don’t feel like it
    • How to use your progress and transformation to give you motivation
    • Prepare for the obstacles that you will encounter
    • Bonus! Should I take supplements?
  • Module 7: Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus Resources

Full 45 – 60 minute workouts and a nutrition guide to make sure it fits your body type and main objectives.

Get private access to…

Ēvolvō’s membership site with nutrition education, macronutrients guide, research and training knowledge from high level athletes and coaches.
Full 45-60 minute workouts and macronutrient guide. Get access to my exercise library to train with the correct form, avoid injuries and know exactly what to do at the gym. 
24/7 access to Daniela Suarez by email. You will have my personal email to stay in touch with me at all times, ask me questions, stay accountable and motivated throughout the whole process. 
My support for you to feel encouraged and accountable to successfully complete Ēvolvō and change your habits for long term results. 

Start transforming your life today!

Start transforming your life today!


listen, if you’re not happy right now, You do not have to stay where you are. You can transform your body, mindset & energy and fall in love with your results only in 12 weeks.

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